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40 Prayers for 40 Days Day 25

Wednesday—Week 5
Psalm 84:1-12

Better Is One Day!

Better is one day in your courts
than a thousand elsewhere;
I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God
than dwell in the tents of the wicked.
For the LORD God is a sun and shield;
the LORD bestows favor and honor;
no good thing does he withhold
from those whose walk is blameless.
O LORD Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in you. (vv. 10-12)

Charles Spurgeon, commenting on this passage, wrote: “God’s worst is better than the devil’s best. God’s doorstep is a happier rest than downy couches within the pavilions of royal sinners, though we might be there for a lifetime of luxury” (Spurgon, Treasury of David, 359).

Jesus said, “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? (Matthew 16:26)

Our prayer is the visible expression of our heart’s desire to dwell eternally in the very presence of Almighty God. Our standing before God, in an attitude of prayer, with hearts open to Him, speaks this message: “Here is where I long to be! Lord, fill me with your presence. Let me experience more and more of you, today!” Continual prayer declares, “I stake my life on this one foundation, God’s presence, great grace, and amazing love!”

When we pray, our words and our actions give voice to our trust in our faithful God. Consider this, Almighty God, Creator of all that is, our Defender and Provider, Savior and Sanctifier, has chosen to spend time with us! He has chosen to hear and respond to us! Blessed is the man or woman who trusts in HIM!

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