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40 Prayers for 40 Days Examen

Lent 2016

So, let’s take a minute and think about how we have done over the first 10 days of Lent. This is an opportunity for “examen”. First, take a few minutes and prayerfully enter into the presence of God. Now, Ask God to reveal to you how he is working in your life. Third, review your week. As you do, recall specific times and places where God gave you opportunity to witness, or take a stand for him. Fourth, reflect on what you did, thought, or said at those opportunities God provided you to witness and, or serve him. Did those moments draw you into closer communion with God, or did they draw you away from him? Thank him for the opportunities he presented you. Ask his forgiveness and help for those times you failed to say or do the right thing. Finally, think about this coming week. Ask God to make you sensitive to his Spirit’s leading. Ask God to give you a strong desire to do his will. Thank him for all he will be doing in and through you in the days to come.

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