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Advent 2013–Week 1–WHY?

advent wreath 1 candleAdvent is the season of expectant preparation for the coming of Jesus, God’s one and only Son, into the world.

It is marked with candles and music and the reading of Scripture. Many families create an advent wreath with 4 candles. Frequently, three of the candles are purple and one is pink. Some will include a white candle in the center of the wreath, unlit until Christmas Eve.

The traditional themes of Advent are Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. This year, we are going a different route. Our themes will center on four questions: WHY? WHEN? WHERE? and, HOW?

Each week, you will be invited to consider one of these four questions. The Sunday sermon will begin the discussion and the readings throughout the week will give you something to think about each day.

The readings will be posted on our Church website as well. So, you can follow along “on the road”. My prayer for us this Advent is that we will grow in our relationship with God who loves us and has invited us to partner with him in  getting his message out into the world where we live. God bless us all, this Advent season.