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Week 1 Advent Devotionals

Daily Reading:

The first week of Advent asks the question: “WHY?” Why did Jesus come to the earth? Why was he given up to die? Why? Spend the days of this week reading and reflecting on the reason Jesus came to us.

Monday—December 2

          Isaiah 53:2-12—This passage is most often read during the Easter season. The Servant of the Lord is described as one who suffers for the sake of God’s people. The Servant comes to provide salvation. Jesus comes to be poured out and broken for his creation.

Tuesday—December 3

          Matthew 11:18-19—Jesus was often compared, by those who were attempting to understand him, to earlier prophets and, even the “spiritual   giants” of his day. Trying to answer the “Why” question, they would explain his life by comparing him to others. Jesus accepts their description as his own: “… a friend of…” the marginalized.

Wednesday—December 4

          Luke 19:1-10—When we ask “Why” Jesus came, we cannot avoid the interesting people who populate his story. The people others would ignore, avoid, and even reject, Jesus accepts into his   company. He does not exclude anyone, even a Zacchaeus.

Thursday—December 5

          John 11:45-53—Answering the “Why” question requires us to recognize the truth that ONE person would be asked to die for the many. ONE person would need to be the Victor for all of us who consistently fall short of the glory of God. Jesus came to be that ONE!

Friday—December 6

          Philippians 2:5-8—Why did Jesus come? When all is said and done, it comes down to these two simple words: Trust and Obey! Jesus came to do the work His Father had prepared for him to do. He came and emptied himself that we might know the full extent of God’s Love. He came that we, dying in our sin, might have life. He came in obedience to the Father and poured himself out for us!

Saturday—December 7

          1 John 4:7-12—Here it is, fully revealed, fully explained: the LOVE OF GOD! Jesus came and gave himself up for us, to reveal fully the love God has for us all! Because of Jesus we can begin to grasp the immense and lavish love God has for his creation.

Looking ahead: Sunday, December 8, the message is from Galatians 4:1-7, and responds to the “WHEN” question; the answer has to do with “The Fullness of Time”.